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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finalmente as fotos ! :D

Album de fotos aqui neste link :

Créditos das fotos e vídeo: Super Oito Produções

Figurino: Marília BomBom Jardim

Cris Ferrantini
Beto Amorim
(Obrigado !)

Eduardo Janiszewski
Marco Rossi

Participação especial: As Escrotas

Apoios e prêmios:

Revista Zupi
Principal apoiadora do Sketchy no Brasil
Prêmios dados- diversas revistas Zupi, assinatura anual da revista

Melies, Escola de Cinema 3D e Animação -
Prêmio dado - Curso de Modelagem 3D online - Transmutação

A Casa do Artista loja Jardins e Cretacolor
Prêmios dados: Boxes de desenho Cretacolor Deluxe (diversos)

Figurinos Marília BomBom Jardim
Prêmio dado: Bag confeccionada e pintada pela artista e designer.

Arte Marcial Russa
Prêmio dado: Um mês de aula gratuito.

Vivian Toebe
Gifts dados a todos: Chocolates de própria fabricação.

As Escrotas
Gifts dados a todos: Chocolates ´as escrotas´

Consulado Cultural da Cachaça
Distribuído: dose de cachaça de abacaxi com agrião

A lista de agradecimentos é imensa, então sumariamente obrigado a todos os participantes, apoiadores e amigos.

Espero que o Sketchy prospere no país e todos possam se beneficiar dele.

O Album de fotos mais completo está no flicker, em

Foram tiradas mais de 5000 fotos, mas selecionamos apenas 180 para publicar, no futuro publicaremos um album mais extenso incluindo os bastidores do evento.

Abraço a todos e muito obrigado mais uma vez.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Grand Opening Confirmed !

Welcome to our Grand Opening in Sao Paulo, Brazil

When ?
June - 26 - Friday night - 8pm

The Venue:
Consulado Cultural da Cachaça
R. João Pais, 83 - Santo Amaro / Brooklin, Sao Paulo - SP, 04603-039, Brazil
55 11 2628-8005

An amusing space composed of a restaurant, theater, dance floor, cachaça museum, and an exclusive rooftop bar with many attractions.
They have 450 types of Cachaça at the menu and the museum tells the whole story of this drink.
The restaurant serves incredible food from many parts of Brazil and special recipes based on cachaça.
The house holds over 700 people, but our Dr. Sketchy´s will have a limited seats for sketchers, so be the first to make your reservation.

Get the map clicking here.


Theater piece written by script writer Beto Amorim and Cris Ferrantini shows a decadent Cabaret trying to shine again once more. The famous painter Tolouse Lautrec goes to that Cabaret and gives life to it, registering the majesty of it´s burlesque spirit within.

The acting will have many interferences 'freezing the scenes' when the audience will be able to draw the main models or the scene.

During the event will be time to enjoy the acting, time for drawing, a time for having a free cachaça shot along with a special meat sausage prepared on cachaça (gift from the Venue), time for fun, time for contests and win great prizes and many surprises will be there waiting for you.

Party !

Yes, we have a grand opening party going on here, after you draw, eat, drink, chat with great people from the art communities, have fun and amuse yourself with our theater piece you are invited to dance all night long by the sound of our DJ and enjoy a spectacular show by the rooftop with cocktails Malabar.

Can I go ? Is that for me?

Well, this will be a Dr. Sketchy´s event to everyone, if you are a professional artist, an art student or simply enjoy art this is for you, if you like theater pieces this event is also for you but notice this will be a piece with many interventions for drawing participants do their sketches and participate on contests and other activities, this is not a regular theater piece nor a regular live model class.
If you wanna join up only for the party... come on and have fun !
If you wanna join up this session to draw and want to bring your loved ones, friends or family who might enjoy more a dinner, drink and party, well... invite them !
This is a historical event !


35 Brazilian Reais (~US$ 18,00)*¹
15 Brazilian Reais (~US$ 9,00) for those who are not going to draw but want to enjoy the event and party*²

*¹ drawing board, paper, pencil, party included (better seats for early birds - first tickets, better seats)
*² allowed for party and watching the piece but not allowed for contests or drawing.
* everyone receives house gifts and or sketchy´s gifts.

Where to buy ?

Soon at or at the venue entrance if we still have space available.
By this time please mail us at

Do you live outside Brazil but wanna come to our event ? Mail us as soon as possible and we will give you important tips, directions for hotel reservations and we can indicate great tourism alternatives, so you can enjoy Dr. Sketchy´s and this beautiful country.

What is Cachaça ?

Read about it clicking here.

Photographers ?

You wanna photograph at our event ? Ok, but mail our event staff manager first at there may be rules for photographers and some legal forms to fill up.

We have support from Zupi Magazine -

If you have stumbled this page and never heard of Dr. Sketchy´s please go to

Thanks ! And be sure to sign up this blog to be always updated.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This is Dr. Sketchy´s Anti Art School Sao Paulo, Brazil branch.

Dr. Sketchy´s is a movement and an event of art at the same time, it was created by the Artist and Model Molly Crabapple in NY and now acts as a franchise with 85 (and counting) branches(cities) acting around the world.

Mainly it´s a burlesque live model event with acting, performance, good music, at a place where you can draw comfortably, drink something and perhaps eat some good food as well, not to mention make new relations with local artists community and have a lot of fun altogether.
At Sketchy´s sessions there are always some contests with cool prizes, you can´t loose it !

We are very pleased and honored to be part of this worldwide movement, São Paulo city will be always thankful to Molly for her creation and for alwoing our citizen to have such a marvelous artistic movement.

Just check more info about Dr. Sketchy´s Anti Art School at

See a new video documentary here:

To find out more about the founder, Molly Crabapple, check

To access the Brazilian Portuguese version of this blog please go to

Our official website in Brazil (which will be open to all of our branches as well) is:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dr. Sketchy's hits Brazil

Dear Art Monkeys,

Molly Crabapple, Dr. Sketchy's founder here! Eduardo invtied me to say a little something on the blog. I just wanted to let you know how deeply honored and excited I am that my baby is opening up a branch in the cultural center of South America. I hope that I can come visit you someday.

Can't wait to see pictures from the first Dr. Sketchy's Sao Paulo!